Business leaders and knowledge workers around the globe are faced with a variety of problems including information overload. The complexity in the ecosystem is further amplified by issues in storing, organizing, and retrieving the same in a timely manner. LightUpTheWeb provides a one-stop solution for most of your information research needs and decision-making. In particular, this is what is called getting the signal out of the noise.

In simple terms, if you are using Google/Bing/Twitter/Ask/Youtube for a research project you can use LightUpTheWeb for organizing and decision-making using human intelligence.

Tools that you can use

  • Personal Search
  • Related Sites
  • Sticky Notes
  • Emoji Annotation
  • Import Bookmarks form Chrome Browser
  • Image Highlight
  • Image Capture for Youtube Videos
  • Contextual Search
  • Enhanced Search
  • Floating Topic Selection

Google Chrome Extension


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